‘Boundaries pt.1’ - (2015)
Mellanrummet / The Royal Institute of Art

Wooden-construction, 3 - Channel Video
(8m) 800  x 240  x 200 cm

An eight-meter long wooden wall runs along the wall facade of what was originally the exterior facade of the Royal Institute of Arts.
There is something behind, something you do not see when you first enter the gallery space. In parts of the pine wall the boards are positioned at irregular intervals, here you can partly see behind the wall, but it is only when you walk around behind the wall you get to see the three-channel video work displayed behind it.
When one of the screens plays a video, the other two fade into vague blue hues. The raw wooden material can also be seen in the video work. The video is set in Northern Norway and some of the building materials is in the same raw wood as the installation. The work is based on my time in Northern Norway where I was subjected to sexual abuse.

If the visitor goes to the far end of the wooden wall on the outside and around the corner, it will see small openings between the boards. Inside there is a dark room, where you can only glimpse something dazzling. One can never clearly see what’s inside the small room.