‘Boundaries pt.2’ - (2016)
Galleri Mejan / The Royal institute of Art

Plastic, wooden-construction, partly concealed remnants, C-print photographs

(14 m) 1400  x 300  x 200 cm.

A 14 meter long semitransparent wall runs along the gallery wall. Inside the semitransparent plastic windows lies items in a chaotic mess. The spectator does not really see what lies behind the transparent windows, but some bigger items can be distinguished; an old bathroom mirror reflecting the strong gallery light, a withered plant, a digital camera and piles of something unidentifiable.
At a longer distance, the viewer sees the objects behind the wall more clearly but that far away the smaller objects cannot be read. As you approach the wall, the semitransparent pane becomes increasingly blurred and what is behind is not visible at all.
The visitor can enter behind the wall but only by first going outside the gallery room where there is an entrance to the back of the wall. Inside, a corridor and another semitransparent wall that you have to
pass to get closer to the "secret" objects. It is not possible to find out what it really is that lies behind as yet another semitransparent wall also conceals here. From this position you get a view of the gallery and the two photographic works that are there but through a membrane that makes the gallery room, the works and the visitors inside the gallery blurry and unclear.