‘Kungl. Kandidatutställningen’ -(2016)
Mindepartementet Art and Photography, Stockholm

‘A Construction of Loneliness’ - (2016)
Neon, plastic, plaster, wood
Video work 1 channel

600 x 400 x 300 cm

Entering the gallery you see a wooden wall partly covered in plaster, bits of the plaster has fallen down leaving cracks and holes in the plaster on the wall. Passing around the corner of the wall you can peek inside a large structure through a red-colored semitransparent window pane, on the wall a neon sculpture is hanging. Passing around yet another corner to the back side you find the entrance into the structure that is made of wood, plaster and plastic. First you walk in a narrow corridor, turning around a corner you enter into the inner room of the structure. Three of the walls in there is made of plaster boards, one wall is made of horizontal wooden boards from where the light of the neon sculpture leaks through. The red-colored window pane goes from floor to the top of the structure.
In one of the corners of the inner room a video work is displayed.