The video work ‘Approaching a Ghost’ selected as the Swedish contribution in Artists' Film International 2021.
The work will be screened in art institutions on almost all contintinents and finally be presented at Bonniers Konsthall.

Ballroom Marfa, Texas USA | Belgrade Culture Centre, Serbia | Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm | Center for Contemporary Art, Afghanistan (CCAA) | Contemporary Art Center (CAC), Vilnius | Crawford Art Gallery, Cork Ireland | Friends of IZIKO South African National Gallery, Cape Town South Africa | Foundation Proa, Buenos Aires Argentina | GAMeC, Bergamo Italy | Hammer Museum, Los Angeles USA | Istanbul Modern, Turkey | KWM artcenter, Beijing China | MMAG Foundation, Amman Jordan | Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia |
Museum of Modern Art Warsaw, Polan | NBK, Berlin Germany | Para Site, Hong Kong | Project 88, Mumbai India | Tromsö Kunstforening,  Norway | Whitechapel Gallery, London UK

Our eyes see through the darkness of the soil
seven years of guests passing by had erased the memory of us
I have aged, I can see it when I compare myself to the girls
I didn’t realize when it happened
I didn’t see the years passing by

In my memory, the city had become a deserted place
people had disappeared
left was only roads, buildings and vegetation
in the empty city, Meril and I were also there
beyond the city close to the hospital was the tidal land

I am scared of the moment when this film is finished
then the story about us is told
I have to leave fiction and enter the present
one could see this as our birthplace 

The hotel has aged
a container holding our stories
the hotel has aged
I know what happened in these rooms

I came here to look for you but you weren’t here anymore
a container holding our stories
the hotel has aged
I can’t find myself

There are no ghosts
there is no magic
no monsters or dreams are visible
instead they are at a distance

In this actual room my friend Meril lived
this is a photograph of her 

I have come close to something I can’t handle
as I lie murdered beneath the ground
how many of our eyes are down there now
could I be dissolved?
the clothes she wore and the body is gone
here amongst the dead there is time for rest
I feel stupid for thinking I could travel in time
the clothes she wore and the body is gone

this is a forgotten place
that takes care of itself
the city can only be heard as a murmur far away

I couldn’t reconstruct my memory
I couldn’t communicate my vision to the film team
I feel like you could appear at any moment
even though I know it is impossible