Foreign Body - ‘Future Watch - 10 Konstnärer i Tiden’ - Kulturhuset Stadsteatern 16.04 - 08.08.21

A piece consisting of a large scale installation with sculptures, drawings aswell as a performance performed inside the installation.

Victoria Verseaus interdisciplinary artistry includes her own life experiences of identity, search for meaning and change as a transgender person. Victoria has described a feeling of having lived multiple lives and connects her experiences to both life and death as well as happiness and despair. "I lived fast and hard and then I crashed and art and film became a way to deal with all that" says Verseau. An event that came to characterize a large part of Verseau's artistry is the loss after the death of her friend Meril, whom she met in Thailand when both were to undergo a gender-affirming operation. In works that deal with the view of femininity, dreams and illusions, Victoria has sought to understand why the friend chose to take her own life and how it came to affect her. The work Foreign Body is a new collection and continued processing of previous works where a six meter long screen wall in latex and metal is in the foreground. Behind the wall is a series of sculptures and objects that together tell the story of Victoria's life as a kind of abstract self-portrait. Of interest is the boundary between public and private and life as it appears in front of and behind the "curtain" of everyday life. - Ashik Zaman, Curator.

‘Foreign Body’ Performance.

The artists Victoria Verseau and Oscar Andersson are childhood friends. In the performance Foreign Body, they rehearse together a performance they are going to put on. 'Foreign Body' is a performed conversation about teenage memories, fears, dreams, meaning, expectations and change. It's about growing up as a gay boy in the countryside in the 90s, going through a transition and experiencing being a woman, doing drag, surgeries and losing friends in the trans struggle.

Text: curator Ashik Zaman - C- print