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‘Gränser / Boundaries’ - (2014- ongoing)

Genre | Creative documentary
72 min
Status | In development
Director | Victoria Verseau
Producer | Malin Hüber
Production Company | HER Film


When Victoria experiences a sexual assault, she starts filming everything in her surrounding. The material results in an art film. Four years after the abuse, she shows the film to a group of students at The Stockholm School of Art. In the film, the police report is read by a censored police voice as the camera sweeps over magnificent landscapes, the clouds flooding the mountain ridge and a stranded whale skeleton. In one scene, Victoria is filming a party, she approaches the perpetrator with the camera and we get to see the image of a censored face. Victoria also films the perpetrators’ house which is also censored, the place where the house stands is cut out and blurred. In the conversation following the screening, Victoria says she wants to return to the place where the abuse happened.

Together with the cinematographer Petra, Victoria travels back to Northern Norway to visit the house where, four years earlier, she suffered the abuse.

2014 :


Photo: Petra Coppla Dahlberg

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