Trans Memoria (2015- ongoing)

Genre | Creative documentary
72 min
Status | In development
Director | Victoria Verseau
Producer | Malin Hüber
Production Company | HER Film

Supported By

Swedish Filminstitute
EUR Images
Cinema Du Monde
STHLM Debut Talent Program
ANNA-Award, WIFT Woman In Film and Television, UN Women Sweden
Mediterranian Film Institute


Victoria became good friends with Meril in Thailand where they both where pursuing their long awaited dream of going through with their gender confirmation surgeries.
Three years after the surgery Meril decided to end her life and Victorias world fell apart. She started questioning everything and started to write on a script based on their time together.
Victoria travels together with Naomi and Athena, who are themselves in the beginning of a transition, to the town where she and Meril met seven years earlier. Naomi and Athena are suppose to play Victoria and Meril in reconstructions but end up comforting Victoria in the emotional roller coaster the trip back becomes for her.
Soon Victoria realizes she is failing her attempts to reconstruct her and Merils memories of their time together.
Instead another story wants to be told, the present story of her, Naomi and Athena. 

This is is a story about transitioning and what comes after.
What is on the other side of your innermost wish come true? Victoria is having a hard time relating to life after the loss of
her friend, Meril.
Athena and Naomi are at the beginning of their own journeys from male to female. Together they explore the extent to which your body defines you.